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Cedar Call Camera Phone with P2P, video call free of charge 001


Main function:


Video call

Remote monitor

Local monitor

Match code

Email alarm

Perfect voice

Intelligent online upgrade







1. A new generation of smart household Products, combining video calls, local and remote monitoring, wireless alarm functions into one;

2. H.264 Main Profile compression algorithm, making the image clearer, more fluid in network transmission;

3. Using Cloudlink™ P2P network transmission technology which allows penetrating multi-level routing and always keeps P2P efficient and reliable transmission without mapping the ports and relying on the server to forward the data;

4. Supporting 3C smart card which realizes video calls and remote monitoring as simple as calling;

5. Full functional, with WIFI, Built-in battery and Alarm module;

6. Pairing wireless detector by code learning to build a wireless alarm system;

7. Self-adapting network environment and supporting 7 data rate intelligent switching;

8. Supporting USB, Micro SD video storage and intelligent video data retrieving;

9. Supporting mobile devices with IOS, Android system to achieve a smooth monitoring;

10. Intelligent on-line inspection, users can easily upgrade software version.










Cedar 001 Main features:


1. A new generation of smart household Products, combining video calls, local and remote      monitoring, and wireless alarm functions into one;  


2. H.264 Main Profile compression algorithm, making the image clearer, more fluid in network transmission; 


3. Using Cloudlink™ P2P network transmission technology which allows penetrating multi- level routing and always keeps P2P efficient and reliable transmission without mapping the ports  and relying on the server to forward the data; 


4. Support 3C smart card which realizes video calls and remote monitoring as simple as calling;


5. Full functional (WIFI, Built-in battery and Alarm module);


6. Pairing wireless detectorby code learning to build a wireless alarm system;


7. Self adapting network environment and supporting 7 data rate intelligent switching;


8. Support USB, Micro SD video storage and intelligent video data retrieving;


9. Supportmobile devices with IOS, Andriod system to achieve a smooth monitoring; 


10. Intelligent on-line inspection, users can easily upgrade software version.


Cedarcall camera phone (cedar 001) Q & A

Q: Will video call charge free?

A: All of the video calls are connected via network.

    There are no other fees expect net flow.


Q: Are the video calls only available between two network phone cameras?

A: Mobile phone/ Ipad client software has been developed, which can support video calls between mobile and network phone camera(NPC), mobile and mobile, NPC and NPC. Currently Android and Iphone systems are supported.


Q: Do it need extra power supply when working?

A: Two power supply ways are offered. One is extra power supply and the other is internal lithium battery supply. The second one can be worked for 2 hours.


Q: Do it support image zooming?

A: Currently it supports rotation UDLR (Up, Down, Left, Right),350 degrees for left and right, 60 degrees for up and down. Image zooming is not supported now.


Q: How large is the storage space? Can HDD be supported?

A: It supports TF card and USB, max 32G for each one, a total 64G. Extra HDD is not supported. NPC is different with professional monitor storage devices, so video recording will not be highly focused on. 64G will be enough for about two weeks. Meanwhile there are two way for video recording, alarm recording and timing recording. Customers can choose alarm recording to make targeted video files.<, /SPAN>


Q:In general, how long can we record the video when we use one 32G TF card?

A: In general, 1.5~3.5M per second and about 200M per hour,32G TF card can record the video within 6 days and 8 hours. (Attention: Greater dynamic range greater capacity)




















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